QPC80 H2

$869.00   MSRP


This portable document camera is the ultimate in flexibility, with a bendable gooseneck that can show an object at any angle and even adapt to a microscope. With internal memory, you can store captured photos and video with no need to tote around a computer. This high-definition camera even doubles as a switcher/scaler!

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This portable camera is built for observation. View objects from any angle in real-time or while you’re away by recording high definition video, and bring its powerful 6x optical zoom to the next level by pairing it with a microscope.


Microscope Adapter

Pair this camera with a microscope to capture high definition video of tiny things.

HD 1080P Resolution

A doc cam that helps you see things clearly.

Powerful Optic Zoom

Amplify the naked eye with 6x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

High Frame Rate

A 30 FPS frame rate for a smooth, uninterrupted display in real-time or recorded video.

Other features include the following: a 5 MP sensor, a Kensington Lock, a microscope attachment, a gooseneck, RS232, built-in memory, and switcher/scaler HDMI & VGA.