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Class pack with 12 RF student remotes, 1 teacher remote, 1 receiver

Key Features
  • Wireless Audience Response System
  • Offline Homework
  • Remotes Communicate Via Radio Frequency
  • Ad-Hoc Quiz Capability
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Designed to duplicate a cell phone style interface, the Qomo HiteVision QRF912 RF Classic Pack (12) has an impressive list of features and remains easy to operate. In minutes you’ll be running quizzes, displaying results and generating reports based on the data. The QRF900 System works with any quiz format from oral quizzes to Exam View. It also utilizes radio frequency transmission to communicate between teacher and student remotes. This eliminates the need for a computer in order to send students information. With this feature, teachers can leave the PC in the classroom and use the clickers out in the field to send and store information.

Communication via radio frequency has other benefits as well. Teachers can send questions remotely, right to students. Instructors can send complete quizzes as homework to pupil remotes. They can also create ad-hoc quizzes for their students on any content enabling spontaneous, interactive instruction. Students can get quizzes at home, complete them and then send the finished quizzes back to the instructor via radio frequency the next morning.

The QRF900 System remotes have a back-lit, color LCD screen with 128 x 160 pixels. For the instructor, this remote affords better mobility. The built-in mouse function gives instructors the freedom to move freely around the presentation space and interact with the group. Teachers will also benefit from the built-in laser pointer on the instructor remote.

The QClick software, similar to other Qomo systems, is a comprehensive teaching aide. QClick suite features modules to establish classes, compose exams, establish templates, manage communication and manufacture reports. The Freestyle mode can run tests with nearly every medium from paper, to oral, PPT, XML, etc. You can convert a PowerPoint presentation into an exam with quick, one-click access. The editing tools are user friendly and lists from Excel can be imported and also generated from QClick data.

Beyond the classroom, the QRF912 RF Classic Pack (12) can be useful when giving business presentations or during corporate meetings. It’s perfect for focus groups, jury selection and voting. Whether you need to gather efficient data from a group quickly, monitor the response of a large audience or just get your class involved with interactive presentations and quizzes; the QRF912 RF Classic Pack (12) combines ease of operation with manageable software. It presents a cost effective solution to traditional quizzing and response methods.

Instructor Remote

Add convenience and style to your presentations with this all-in-one wireless presentation remote; highlighted by the full alpha-numeric keypad and 128 x 160 pixel back-lit LCD color screen. Used by the instructor to control the course of activities, this remote facilitates the quizzes and doubles as a laser pointer. Instructors will also enjoy the built-in mouse function, which gives you the freedom to move freely around the presentation space and interact with the group. The QRF900 System also affords radio communication. Teachers can directly communicate to student remotes without a computer. The instructor remote can be used wirelessly in a lecture hall, or leave the PC in the classroom and use the clickers out in the field to send and store information. There is also an LED indicator for power status and response confirmation.

Student Remote

Highlighted by the full alpha-numeric keypad and 128 x 160 pixel back-lit LCD color screen, the interactive student remote focuses students’ attention on lessons and lectures. Dynamic answering allows students to punch in multiple choice and true/false answers. The familiar cell phone like interface is easy for classes to navigate and infuses some glamour into take-home assignments and quizzes. With the Homework function, teachers can create ad-hoc quizzes on any content and send the questions to student remotes via radio frequency. At home, quizzes are completed and when students return to class their answers are automatically uploaded into the system. In class, all responses are automatically collected within seconds. Student ID numbers can be assigned for each remote. They can also be set and reset by the instructor at any time. The student remote is compact, lightweight and built to handle the wear and tear that’s inevitable after many years of multiple student users. Like the instructor remote, pupil remotes also have an LED indicator for power status and response confirmation.

Radio-Frequency Receiver

The wireless RF receiver quickly connects to your computer through USB. Easy to carry, the receiver is the size of a thumb drive. It uses radio frequency to communicate with the instructor and student remotes. The QRF900 receiver utilizes automatic interference avoidance and has a range of up to 250 ft. Each one can communicate with an impressive 1000 student remotes and transmits with 1 dBm of power.

QClick Software

The QClick software suite features modules to set up classes, create exams, design templates, manage communications and produce reports. In Freestyle mode, you can run tests with practically any medium: paper exams, oral quizzes, PPT, XML and more. With one click, you can convert an existing PowerPoint presentation into a QClick exam. The software supports all standard PowerPoint features including slide transitions, custom animations, multimedia, audio, etc. It is possible to import class lists from Excel and also generate Excel-compatible reports with QClick. The tools are user friendly and editing questions, conducting quizzes or formulating games are all designed to be simple operations.

QClick Features

You can choose from many different activity modes including Normal Quiz, Standard Exam, Home Work, Rush Quiz, Elimination, Vote / Inquiry, Ad-Lib Quiz, Ad-Hoc Quiz, Hand Raise and Roll Call with multiple correct answers. Timed quizzes and tests are possible, as well as displaying instant results. QClick also lets you generate queries based on class, individual or activity.

Power Save Mode

The response pads confirm your responses instantly and automatically enter power save mode to maximize battery life.